Saturday, 29 October 2016

Determined Diwali!!!!

Aum Namo Narayanaya
Sri Ramakrishna Sharanam

There is no doubt in my mind as I pen this Diwali message, that at some level of cognition all religions and sects that try in some form or another to organise the grand ideas, theories or philosophy of the cumulative experience and realisations  of illumined beings have recognised and connected with the sanguine and prolific impact that light has had on human evolution.

Hindus were never shy to show appreciation and respect to any part of God's creation that has contributed to their own development and progress on the path to self realisation. Although the same values, and teachings  weave through the plethora of festivals and observances, Diwali can claim it's glory as the festival that resonates beyond cultural systems amongst  Hindus and many others with a truly international appeal. It is undeniably the biggest festival in Hinduism celebrated by non-Hindus as well because of its universal message of compassion, love, truth and unity.

Defined broadly as the "festival of lights" - Diwali speaks to a value system and code of good practice that underpin the foundations of the utopian society that all of us are working towards. The Freedom Charter, declarations of the United Nations, Bill of Rights etc. all speak to the ideals of a just society and World... referred to as 'dharma' in Hinduism.

The closest working model of this ideal envisioned by humanity  can be studied and emulated from the life of Lord Rama - eloquently and divinely penned by Sage Valmiki in the Ramayana.

Terms like justice, equality, righteousness, peace, love, compassion,  social cohesion, integrity and the like were transformed from mere narratives of vedic philosophy to living principles by Lord Rama under His rule defined as 'Rama Rajya'.

Not only South Africa,  but the whole of humanity is under seige by forces set to destroy harmony, peace and all that is dharmic for the furtherence of self interests as opposed to collective growth and development.

Sri Ramakrishna said that the darkness that filled a room for a thousand years is at once dispelled by a single stroke of a match. Diwali comes to us as an annual reminder to strike the match of determination to restore our lives to a state of peace and happiness.  To ignite our intellect out of ignorance and our hearts out of selfishness will be the death of bigotry, uncharitable feelings towards others, sectarianism, fanaticism and persecution of each other who are all essentially wending our way to the same goal as explained by Swami Vivekananda at the World Parliament of Religions.

The message of Diwali is a call to rise against darkness and to defend the profound and treasured values that define us a human being. It's a message to galvanise around our brethren and share so we can prosper together.  It's a message of truth and integrity and most importantly one of hope and faith that we are all children of that immortal bliss with extreme potential to realise our true nature.

On this occasion of the most adorable celebration that speaks to the universal oneness and the supreme divinity that pervades us all... may that all- illuminating light bring strength, courage, and resolve to all of us to walk and act in the path of righteousness is my prayer. Happy Diwali to all. Let peace and light descend everywhere!!!


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