Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sri Rama Hanuman - self and me

||Aum Sri Ramakrishna Sharanam||

||Aum Namo Narayanaya||

There is a psychological theory which purports man as a social being. This is probably based on our inherent longing to communicate, share, love and form relationships. We tend to feel comfort, strength and immense joy when in the company of someone we deem special. Besides the personal aspects of this bonding, we come to the realisation that the society module will fail to operate without the harmonious interaction with one another. Great things have been achieved through the collective co-operation of men/women for a common purpose. However, we find that in our contemporary surroundings... these bonds are merely forged on a “superficial level” in that it exists only if some personal benefit is derived from it. It fails to penetrate beyond the physical layer.

As I am disillusioned by the transience of these mundane relationships, I marvel at the level these bonds are forged amongst spiritually elevated beings. Their union goes beyond just unity of purpose... but they become an extension of each other by discovering and exposing the non-dualistic nature of creation.

Once, Sri Ramakrishna had a vision in which He explained that God has covered all with His maya.

He doesn't let us know anything. He who puts maya aside to see God, can see Him. Once, when I was explaining God's actions to someone, God suddenly showed me the lake at Kamarpukur. I saw a man removing the green scum and drinking the water. The water was clear as crystal. God revealed to me that Satchidananda is covered by the scum of maya. He who puts the green scum aside can drink the water.

When we engage to form bonds with people... we take some of the following criteria into consideration, viz: common interests, gender, social status, wealth, physical appearance etc. These are formed on the foundations of the green scum or maya that Master speaks of.

In the lives of the elevated beings, we see a total contrast from our approach. They go beyond the physical and establish these bonds on an extremely pure level.
Our emotions are stretched to the heights of divine euphoria when we contemplate on the relationships between Sri Rama and Hanuman & Sri Ramakrishna and Vivekananda (Swami) who have majestically enunciated the inextricable link that exists between every form of creation.

As much as the Master was regarded as a ‘mad man’ and was ridiculed by sections of society, it was the purity of thought and word that emanated from Sri Ramakrishna that immediately attracted Naren (Swami Vivekananda’s pre-monastic name) and gravitated His entire life towards Sri Ramakrishna. So much so, that even after His mahasamadhi, Swami Vivekananda was the extension of His life and work. During the first encounter with Hanuman - having seen Rama and Lakshmana, Sugriva sends Hanuman to ascertain their identities. Hanuman approaches the two brothers in the guise of a brahmin. His first words to them are such that Rama says to Lakshmana that none could speak the way the brahmin did unless he or she had mastered the vedas. He notes that there is no defect in the brahmin's countenance, eyes, forehead, brows, or any limb. He points out to Lakshmana that his accent is captivating... adding that even an enemy with sword drawn would be moved. He praises the disguised Hanuman further... saying that sure success awaited the King whose emissaries were as accomplished as he was.

When Rama introduces Himself, the brahman identifies Himself as Hanuman and falls in prostration before Rama, who embraces Him warmly. How wonderfully we notice how Rama looked beyond the physical and engaged with the purity that Hanumanji was.

In the way we appreciate and express delight of these friendships, we must also understand they form the basis on how we should live our lives. If our body is the Hanuman or Vivekananda, the atman is the Rama or Ramakrishna. Instead of being subservient to the senses or the mind, we should take the atman as our master -becoming totally surrendered and absorbed in the atman- and then we shall enjoy the highest peace. We shall enjoy victory in our life and against all the challenges that confront us.

Like how taking the name of Sri Rama, Hanuman was able to scale the mighty ocean; lift the gigantic mountain; torch Lanka and defeat many demons along the way... Swami Vivekananda in total surrender to His Master was able to awaken the sleeping masses in India... sparking a spiritual revolution and taking these noble ideas to the West in order harmonise humanity in thought, word and deed.

Our bodies must become an extension of the atman within. The body must become an instrument of this divinity - and every action, word and thought must reflect it. There must be complete synthesis between the inner spirit and the outer being. It is in this great friendship and bond that great things can be achieved. If each person can make the effort with sincerity to achieve this, it will be the start of a revolution towards the ‘golden age’. As we start to socialise and network with such people in the world, their character and demeanor will become infectious and viral. Hatred, jealousy, envy and other vices will be replaced by love and harmony.

The good and peace we want to see in the world starts right here within us. When each and every one of us takes a conscious decision to think and act purely, the world will surely change. Swamiji said:

The highest men are calm, silent and unknown. They are the men who really know the power of thoughts; they are sure that, even if they go into a cave and close the door and simply think five true thoughts and then pass away, these five thoughts of theirs will live through eternity. Indeed such thoughts will penetrate through the mountains, cross the oceans, and travel through the world.

May we all establish a relationship like Rama and Hanuman & Master and Swamiji between our body and soul. Let that be our contribution towards dharma and world peace, is my sincere prayer.

With love and prayers always


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